Eat here, Not there!

A Fresh Start

Established in the summer of 2005, the
Garden Deli has been serving up
made-to-order Sandwiches, Wraps, Soups
& Salads, for the good people of the
Maitland business complexes from their 2

In 2007 the Deli started corporate
catering, due to one office's catering needs
failing to be met by a more well known
catering company (we won't name names!).
Anyway, we stepped in, saved the day, and
saw that we could compete with the so
called top dogs!

Who We are & What We Do

We are a small family run business, with
over 20 years of experience in the food
service industry. All food is home made
from the soup's to the Chicken Salad
(which gets rave reviews & is also sold by
the tub to take home).

You won't find any frozen foods on our
menu & take great pride in the fact the
veggies are fresh & the bread is delivered

We also pride ourselves on our prices, we
know times are tight & budgets have been
cut, so we cater to them as well.

Please take a look at our menu then give us
a call or shoot us a e-mail to order.

Many thanks for your time & business.

Garden Deli Management
Garden Deli